Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 442 - January 24, 2016

LifePosted by michael Mon, January 25, 2016 19:40:23

We just completed our 15th Yoga session, so we are halfway the 30-day challenge. We are about 5 sessions behind schedule, meaning that we "only" missed those 5 days out of the plan since the beginning of the year.

Not too bad if you consider that we also have to take care of work, the kids, the house and each other from time to time ;-)

Last weekend was a very busy one, so we had decided to make this one more quiet and also more centered just around us. And that is exactly what we did. We did not meet with anyone and spent a lot of time inside the house. But the Smeyers-Pascuzzi family can not sit still for 100% so this morning we went for a Sunday morning stroll in the Marollen in Brussels. This is a neighborhood known for it's authentic Brussels' feeling and also for his daily antiques market and many decoration shops. When we just moved in together we spent many Sundays there going through all the shops looking for inspiration and furniture. The past couple of years we somewhat forgot about the area and headed back today to discover that it did not change a lot. There are some changes to the shops, but the feeling is still the same. The Spanish Community is still very present with a couple of cafes and a new (at least for us) Tapas bar where we had lunch. The place was similar to Tapas bars in Spain, but the big difference was that here everybody was seated at tables to enjoy a drink and a couple of tapas whereas in Spain people tend to enjoy all this standing in front of the bar.

We are all suffering still from a cold and so also this week my running was a bit slower. Hope to start feeling better soon to hit the (forest) road again.

There are no pictures this week.

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