Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 441 - January 17, 2015

LifePosted by michael Thu, January 21, 2016 18:34:38

WOW, snow can be really beautiful.

This week winter really arrived with some snow all over the country. As a result the south-eastern part of Belgium (with peaks up to 694m) had around 25cm of snow and thus attracted lots of people this weekend, including us.

We went, together with my parents and Jules (more about him below) to Elsenborn on Sunday morning leaving just before 8am from home. This made us arrive before 10am and before the big crowds joined. We spent the day making a nice walk in a snow-covered forest and with the sledge.

Marina is not a big fan of the cold and the snow, but she had to admit that it was beautiful. The kids enjoyed the sledge-rides and the snow a lot.

We left the snow around 2pm since we had arranged with Peter and Inge to meet at their place at 5pm for dinner for the birthday of Mats (my godson), the birthday of Inge and XMAS. It was a pity we had to leave so early but it helped in getting out of the area before the big crowds hit the road.

As I mentioned before, Jules joined us this weekend. Jules is a doll from Matías' school.Every weekend one of the kids gets to take Jules home and take care of him. At the end of the weekends the parents are asked to write down a little report of what Jules did in the weekend such that the kids can then talk about it on Monday.

4 Years ago we already had Jules staying over with Alex. And Jules asked us o go to the same eating places as last time: the Cafe de la Presse for a croissant and kokuban for Noodles at lunch. Jules behaved very well and so we took him with us to the snow on Sunday.

Matías is not behaving so good lately. He is very stubborn, shouts a lot, punches on the table whenever he does not agree and resorts to crying a lot. Marina and I decided to be a bit more strict and more coordinated in our actions towards him for the coming days and week in an attempt to get him behave a bit better. Now, at many times he is an angel and a really nice, talkative and joyful boy. But there are moments where he is a bit more difficult. he will be seeing the "corner" a bit more than usual...

With the cold weather in Belgium all of us are suffering a bit from coughs and running noses. Butthis does not stop us from continuing with the Yoga sessions. I must be honest and confess we did not do it every day, but we still do it most days and still enjoy it.

The running this week was low. With the cold, the long working days, the tiredness it's a bit difficult right now to find the motivation. hope this changes quickly.

The pictures of the week are here.

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