Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 337 - December 20, 2015

LifePosted by michael Tue, December 22, 2015 05:18:56

Since my maternal grandmother died now 8 years ago I have not been in Izegem (my mother's birth place) a lot anymore. So when I had to be in Izegem on Wednesday for a meeting with a supplier from work I used the opportunity to make a quick stop at the cemetery to go and visit the grave of my both grandparents.

The meeting with the supplier took a bit longer than planned so i only had a couple of minutes time before heading to work for another meeting. My detour to the cemetery made me arrive late for that meeting, but I really did not want to loose the opportunity of the visit. I'm happy i could make it.

This week has been a pretty busy week in general. We are approaching the end of the year, so there are many end-of year deadlines and XMAS drinks and dinners to attend to. So I went to bed late every night. Marina too did have some celebrations as well. On Thursday I also organised an XMAS bowling and dinner for my team at work. We ended up with 67 participants enjoying some all-you-can-eat fondue and 2 games of bowling. A good way to celebrate the achievements of the year, to say thank you to my team and to spend some time in a relaxed atmosphere.

This relaxed atmosphere was gone on Friday night when I spent almost 3h (starting at 11pm) on the phone because of some customer escalation. The year-end stress and the lack of sleep this week make that I feel tired both mentally and physically. The holiday break between XMAS and New-year will be very welcome at the Smeyers-Pascuzzi family.

Matías and Alex too are a bit tired at the start of their XMAS holiday. For Alex this translated in some remarks from his teacher in his mid-year review. All in all the report was very good and Alex scored above average on the vast majority of topics. But some recent tests went a bit less good, mainly driven by tiredness. The teacher noted it as follows: "During the resent test-period i was sometimes surprised. I expected better from time to time. But you have been ill and I assume you are very tired. So probably it will go better after the holidays. In any case I will follow you up closely and let you practice a bit more if needed. You can practice a bit during the holidays, but most importantly you should rest and get some fresh energy. I wish you a good holiday.".

The (sleep)recovery of the kids already started this weekend. Whenever we spent more than 15min in the car Matías fell asleep, and after a day of enjoying the outdoors in Sijsele today, Alex too fell sound asleep on the way back home.

They will spend the next 4 days at my parents place until our holidays will also start. This will give them some more time to rest (and a bit less for my parents ;-) ). Marina and I will use our kids-free status the next couple of days to go for a tête-à-tête diner and a visit to latest Star-Wars movie. Alex already saw the movie on Wednesday. He was invited by Arthur, his friend from school, together with a couple of other kids. I do not think the movie is really for kids, but Alex has already seen all of the Star-Wars movies and is fond of them. He has this love for Star Wars from his mother. Marina too has seen all movies when she was a kid. I for some reason do not really like the movies, but I do love all of the Lego Star-Wars toys of Alex... I read somewhere today that since 1977, when the first star wars movie was screened, more than 30 billion USD worth of merchandising has been sold from the Star Wars franchise. A little part of that stands in our home.

Marina did not join us to Sijsele today since she had to complete some XMAS shopping for the family. I would not be surprised to see some more Star Wars themed stuff make it into our home. But more about that next week.

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