Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 335 - December 6, 2015

LifePosted by michael Mon, December 07, 2015 05:40:00

Seems like Alex and Matías behaved well this year because we had a visit of Sinterklaas last night

He brought some lego for Alex and Playmobil for Matías together with chocolate, sweets and clemntines. Alex and Matías were super excited last night when they went to bed, and it took us some convincing this morning to keep them in bed until 7.

Earlier this week both Alex and Matías got an answer from Sinterklaas via the Belgian Postal Service for the letter they sent him. I think I mentioned this in the past already, but the Belgian postal Service has a service in December where they allow kids to send a letter to Sinterklaas and then they get an answer from him. This makes the whole experience even more fascinating for the kids.

Some kids in Alex' class have been making remarks that Sinterklaas does not exist, but they could not convince Alex yet. We expect that next year he will figure out that we have been lying to him for the past 7 years....

We had lunch at my parents place today and there the kids found out that Sinterklaas knew they would come as well since also there he had some presents waiting for them.

We had a quiet weekend. Apart from the whole Sinterklaas experience the only noteworthy event was that while playing with Alex we noticed that Matías was counting to 5 in French. He had some difficulty with the pronunciation of "cinq" but apart from that his free French education at playtime at school seems to be working fine.

To end let me share a map with you that I bumped into this week. It is a world map showing how much time it would take a traveler in 1914 to get somewhere in the world from London. The map does not count in hours but in days. It makes you realize how over the last 100 years the world has become a much smaller place...

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