Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 330 - November 1, 2015

LifePosted by michael Tue, November 03, 2015 04:45:51
With 20,8 degrees, today was the warmest November 1st ever recorded in Brussels. So it seems that I choose the right day to do my longest run of the San Sebastian marathon preparation. Alex went to a birthday party of Mila, his Belgian-Russian friend from school. And while they played for 3 h I took on running through the Forest de Soignes all the way to Tervuren. The forest is at it's nicest now with all the autumn colors. There were places were there really were a lot of (too much) people enjoying the weather. At other moments I still had the forest to myself. I ran the 30km is about 2h45; not a great time, but on track for the 3h30 marathon in Spain at the end of the month.

I am training for San Sebastian, but Marina is also doing some rehearsal for her trip "with the girls" to Paris at the end of the month. Tomorrow she will travel to Paris for work and spend a couple of days there. She is not really looking forward to it.

Earlier today we headed to a park in Woluwe, the George henry Park, with a nice playground for the kids. This was the first time we went there. We always find it nice to discover nice new places in Brussels, even after now spending 13 years together (and 41 years for me alone). On Saturday we also discovered a new part of Brussels. The commune of Watermael-Bosvoorde (where the kids' school is located) organised a Halloween gathering in the Bezemhoek (Broom Corner) neighborhood. So we took our little Ghost and our big vampire for a walk. To get there we walked through the Forest de Soignes enjoying the autumn colors once more. The Bezemhoek felt like a little village on the border of the forest and was obviously filled with dressed-up kids.

While walking around the area we discovered that the church in which Matías was baptized is located here. So it was not a fully new area for us after all. On the way back to the car we passed a cemetery. Upon seeing it Alex told us he came there last year with school to visit the graves of 2 10-year old girls that went to his school many years ago but got killed in a car accident. So we went in for him to show us the graves and recount us the story. With Halloween and All-Saints' day visiting a cemetery came at the right moment. Alex did not hesitate a minute and walked straight to the graves. On the way he also showed us a series of graves from Belgian soldiers who died in the second world war.

Tonight I will drop the kids at my parents' place where they will spend the whole week (autumn holiday). But with Marina gone to Paris for 2 days and I out for dinner with a customer on Thursday we will not have a lot of time together.

On Saturday we finally managed to get the new glasses from Alex. He (and we) are very happy with the result.

The pictures of this week are here.