Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 329 - October 25, 2015

LifePosted by michael Tue, October 27, 2015 04:00:15

21 October 2015 was the day to which Emmet Brown (Doc) and his friend Marty McFly traveled in their time machine in the 1985 Back-to-the future movie that was a big hit at the time. As a result, many websites made up lists this week to check how many of the predictions made by the movie actually became reality. Here is a summary of some of the predictions that became (more or less) true:

- Doc uses waste from a waste-basket to fuel his time machine -> today we have bio-diesel

- Robots are taking orders in restaurants -> think of the on-line ordering of stuff

- computer games can be controlled without joy-stick, motion is used instead -> think of the Nintendo Wii or the Windows Kinect for example

- TV is controlled with voice, not with a remote control -> works for smartphones, computers and some TVs today

- People communicate via a video-wall -> the Skype we use every day to call Abuelo in Argentina

But there are as much predictions that were plainly wrong as well:

- Time travel still does not exists

- Flying cars are a remote reality

- Very accurate (up to the second) weather forecasts are by far not yet possible

- When Jenifer (girlfriend of Marty) starts to ask too many questions about the time travel, Doc erases her memory. Science has made big evolutions in understanding the workings of the brain, but many mysteries still remain.

- Marty has shoes and clothes that adapt themselves automatically to his size

So Hollywood Movie studies are clearly no predictors of the future.

It still is very difficult for weather stations to predict the weather a couple of days ahead. However, keeping statistics of the past is not so difficult of course. And so they told us that we had the coldest 13th October since 1901 and that on October 14th we had he first snow of the year in Belgium. So two weeks ago winter was suddenly very near. Today however it again felt very far away. I spent the day in Sijsele with the kids and my parents and it was a very sunny nice day. Perfect for doing some autumn maintenance in the garden. The kids played the whole day in the garden and thus fell asleep very quickly in the car on the way home.

Marina did not join us. She wanted some me-time, wanted to do some cleaning in the house (our cleaning lady has been ill for the past 2 weeks) and she wanted to be able to watch the Rugby Semi final of Argentina against Australia (which Argentina lost unfortunately).

Yesterday too was a nice day so we could go for a walk together with Sigrid and Erik (the appointment we missed last week due to the broken glasses of Alex; which are not yet repaired in the meantime).

They live in a quiet neighborhood east of Antwerp and have a forest and canal close by that is perfect for walking. The canal is an "anti-tank-canal" that was built in the second World War to keep the German tanks away. Now the tanks are gone, but the canals and the forest around it, with a bunker left or right, are still there for us to enjoy. After the walk we had some pancakes (which the kids and we loved) and some diner. Sigrid and Erik have no kids, but have some of the toys (lego and Paymobil) from their own childhood which Alex and Matías enjoyed a lot.

This week I finally also started running again. I got the results from the biopsy of the birthmark that was cut away in my thigh and all was fine. The stitches were removed and I can run again. So now I can start focusing again on the San Sebastian marathon at the end of November. The 2 runs I did this week went very well. So I am hopeful I did not loose too much from my 2 forced week training stop.

The pictures of this week are here.