Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Life in Tokyo and Brussels

Week 325 - September 27, 2015

LifePosted by michael Tue, September 29, 2015 04:13:57

Earlier today I smashed my personal best time on the Marathon. I crossed the line under the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin after 3h19'31", more than 10 minutes faster then my previous best time. As you can imagine I am really happy about this. When I made the last turn in the course and saw the Brandenburger Tor rise in front of me, heard all the supporters along the road applaud and realized that I would make it in under 3h20 I got overwhelmed by emotions and felt like crying from joy.

Looking back at the 12 marathons I ran so far, this time is also 1h20 quicker than my slowest run. All my times are below:

1. Berlin (2015) 3h19‘31"

2. Nice – Cannes (2013) 3h29'55"

3. Cologne (2014) 3h35'06"

4. Amsterdam (2011) 3h36'47"

5. Brussels (2014) 3h41'29"

6. Brussels (2013) 3h44'17"

7. Brussels (2011) 3h45'01"

8. Antwerp (2012) 3h49'11"

9. Rotterdam (2013) 3h52'06"

10. Tokyo (2011) 3h59'51"

11. Brussels (2008) 4h31'26"

12. Flanders Field (2012) 4h39'47"

Marina was one of the many supporters along the course. I saw her around km 8, but have to admit that because of my focus of getting over the finish line, i did not see, nor hear her in the last stretch to the Brandenburger Tor. Even though she was apparently cheering loudly. For the remainder of the time that I ran Marina took some time to walk around the city. And looking at her step-counter she walked around a lot indeed.

After the run we headed for lunch in the area around Kurfurstendam and ended up eating in an Italian restaurant where we had dinner 7 years ago when we visited Berlin for the first time. At that time we had a 4 months old Alex with us.

In Berlin we also met with Geraldine and Charles and Susi. Both Geraldine and Charles registered for the marathon but we only found out a couple of weeks ago that we would be running the same race. Geraldine finished in 4h20 and Charles in 3h57.

Marina and I arrived in Berlin on Friday evening and spent some time sightseeing on Saturday. Berlin is really a nice city and the nice weather only makes it nicer still. On Saturday evening we all met in an Italian restaurant to jointly stock up on carbohydrates for the race.

On Sunday after the race and lunch we spent another couple of hours walking around the city. By the time we arrived at the airport at 6h30pm we were both dead tired. But the walking in the afternoon has greatly helped me in removing the lactic acid from my legs. Nevertheless I am sure I will feel muscle pain for a couple of days to come.

While we were in Berlin, Alex and Matías stayed with my parents. And from what my parents told us they too had a good time. When we made it home at 10h30pm the kids were sleeping already, so we will only see them tomorrow. Alex has been making lots of drawings over the weekend. One of them was stuck to their bedroom door. A clear sign that Marina and I are asked (ordered would be a more correct wording) to stay out of the room.

Alex told my parents that he made the drawing because he wants us not to wake him so early in the morning. I guess he means we should not wake him so early in during week days, because at weekends it's always he who comes and wakes us. Maybe we too should draw a picture and stick it to our door.

The pictures of this week are here.